Hash Mile!!!! Saturday Aug. 23rd 2014

Alright Wankers, join us at my place

(Kiddie Muncher) for some hash mile.

Where- 6516 Louisa Road, Keswick, VA 22947 (Don’t totally trust your GPS :-)) 

When- Aug. 23rd, 11:30am to whenever. BYOB and food so bring extra for the after party. May have a grill out and bonfire weather pending, I have some crash spots or bring a tent.

Why- Fun,Fun,Fun. No other reason.

Details- Our beer mile is actually 1.2 miles and its not on a flat track. Participants need to bring 5 twelve oz. carbonated, Alcoholic drinks., Just go ahead and bring 6. :-) Hash is timed and the winner is the one with fastest time. Only reward is bragging rights til next year and a good buzz. so really everyone wins. Trail could be muddy so bring something to change into after.

Questions- Call or text Kiddie Muncher at 434-409-3157.

On-Mile-On, Kiddie

Wednesday 8/6/14

Meet up at 6.10pm, Greenbrier Park in Charlottesville

Park near or at tthe greenbrier eelementary school

I’m prelaying and you’ll take what you can get.

$5, bring virgins, cranium lamps, always a good idea to bring dry clothes…

Seaman Service

Hash 510 Saturday 8/2

What: Hash
When: 8/2 2:69 PM(aka 3.09pm)
Where: Sugar Hallow Reservoir
Why: We talked about this before
How: How I Pet Your Brother Laying Trail, Car pool if possible. There is parking, but it may be limited.
What to expect: Shiggy, Water, Beverages.

If you get lost call Brother (434) 987-3764

7/16 the 508th

What: the 507th r***ing of the Harlots

Hares: Stuff’d N Cuff’d & Captain Spewart

Where: at The “Creek” Rt.15N Zion Crossroads. Coming from Cville take I-64E to exit 136(be careful it is now a diverging diamond interchange), at the intersection after the ramp you will be turning left into the commuter lot on the opposite side of the street from sheetz. Its about a 15min drive from pantops, so consider carpooling with your fellow wankers.

When: Wednesday 16th, HARES AWAY at 6.29pm

Why: hmmm, because I said so

Other things you should know: On-After will be at the “Creek” so bring some meat or green stuff to throw on the barbie and whatever else you might want to eat. There are a couple fast food places and a wally world should you want to get stuff after the fact. Hash Cash $5; Bring ID, bring Virgins, and flesh lights.


Stuff’d N Cuff’d

#507 Wednesday July 9th

WAT: A f’ing trail
WHERE: Meet at Waffle House, 1162 5th St SW, Charlottesville
WHEN: 6:69 PeeEMM, WEDNESDAY, July 9th
WHO: Heavy Petting Zoo ( if you wanna cohare this bitch let me know, you know my motto, the more the merrier)
WAT ELSE: Welcum welcum, to this rachett-ass blue waffle of a trail. I may not know my own name most of the time, but I know my shiggy, so be prepared. Bring virgins, fleshlamps, $5 to pay your ‘ho, and vessels. Don’t bother asking your mom’s/mistress’s permission to be out on a school night, she already told me you were cumin’ when I tucked her in yesterday (aye-oh) and I won’t keep you up all night (that’s what she said?)
ON AFTER: Durty Nellie’s