Trail 546 Beefier the Better

Hash 546: The Beefier, the Better!
Hare: Booty and the Beef
When: Sunday Aug 2nd at 3 Pee Em
Where: 1801 Pireus Row Charlottesville, VA. Park behind the building so our tomfoolery is less noticeable.
Shiggy Level: shiggilicious. You’ll get wet – sopping wet
What to Bring: the usual suspects: $5, vessels, virgins
Why: cuz I gotta get me sum Harlot luvin’ before I leave for the West Coast!!!! Other kennels are also always welcum!
On After: TBD by group vote, whatever we’re in the mood for/haven’t been banned from yet.

Hare Counts

If you are not a named hasher and start running with the Harlots you will

1) have made the best decision of your life

2) have the chance to get a hash name and a collar

The Harlots have the tradition of getting a dog collar with your name rather than a traditional hash necklace. You can receive a name after running 5 trails and haring 1, but sometimes naming can take longer. If you are already a named hasher, but you run 10 trails and hare 1 you can also earn a dog collar and be a proper Harlot Hound.

If you hare 5 trails or do 25 runs with us, you are eligible for a special patch or mug.

Hare Counts since trail 500 TDP

Trail 545 Sunday July 26th


Hear ye hear ye

I declareth a trail the good olde day of Sunday year of our Lord (Jesus Christ[May he live forever{Allelujah}]) 2015 July 26.

Harlots gather at 2:69 in the pee em

Food Lion
32 Mill Creek Dr.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Time: Convene at 2:69 in the pee em
Standard shiggy level applies
It’s hot let’s get wet

Bring: $5, virgins, vessels, dry bags, clean panties
On after: whatever we want, I was thinking beer run

Hare is Vladamir Putitin


Trail 544


Who: Yolks on You

What: Trail #544

When: Monday July 20 5:69 pm
Where: Pen Park, 1400 Pen Park Rd
Why: Got to get a trail in before I go on a walkabout up the east coast to, y’know, find myself.
How: by the grace of god.
Shiggy: Yes please
on-after: firefly (1304 e market st)
there will be eggs.
11745495_10153137138868315_7426430500636179123_n 11201501_10153137139223315_4294257965677520451_n 11755671_10153137139488315_4964433425380577281_n 11742831_10153137139498315_4922622832046136217_n 11174799_10153137139688315_3331963861541026911_n 11755722_10153137139238315_5144602955023068561_n

Trail 543 Wednesday July 8th

11745606_10153137089688315_4874494048337784280_n 11737928_10153137090033315_4450214900870985800_n 11781662_10153137089698315_11445456187860962_n 11737956_10153137089643315_1065215300394823526_n
What: America HellsYeah Trail, cum show ur support wearing her colors red, white, and green..??
Who: Stuff’d N Cuff’d and Kiddie Muncher

Where: 1710 Monticello Rd, 22902 
When: July 8th HARES AWAY at 6.39pm
Other Things to Know: Bring virgins, Bring your ID’s, bring hash cash, bring ur bare bottoms cause you could be sitting on ice. it’s a hash, you should know the other things.

Trail 541 WEDNESDAY JUNE 17th

11393218_10153073678768315_5403022254596274736_n 10277504_10153073676323315_705144453315398196_n 11036075_10153073676703315_1955255414967690725_n 11046371_10153073676883315_6608665688329563527_n

What: A trail hared by Princess Peach and In God We Thrust

Where: Meet at 507 Shamrock, Charlottesville VA. Trail is A to A

When: Wednesday June 17th, meet up at 6:30 Pee Em

Why: Fun. And because Peach needs to hare so we can (maybe) name her.

What to Bring: $5 for hash cash (vrigins are freeeeeee), virgins, shiggy socks, dry bag, yer thinking’  caps

FOR THE RECORD: Princess Peach is now known as Sofa King Wet. Welcome to the hash!